Kevin Kimberlin on Telecommunications

As world-changing innovations and the proprietary data required to create them become a progressively more vulnerable target, leaders in both business and government are putting crucial focus on network security, especially in light of recent alleged hacking scandals out of China and Southeastern Europe. Smith, a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, advised President Barack Obama as he addressed the issue of cyber security in his State of the Union address in January, calling for Congress to act as well, “by passing legislation to give our government a greater capacity to secure our networks and deter attacks.” Obama followed that with a February Executive Order “to strengthen the cyber security of critical infrastructure by increasing information sharing.”

According to Ed Amoroso, AT&T’s chief security officer, the size of network attacks has become unmanageable even for large businesses. Amoroso, in a recent interview, warns against denial of service assaults.

“Large global network providers can help enterprises protect their ability to continue to do business, even in the event of such attacks,” Amoroso says.

Network experts such as Ciena have essential security roles, ensuring that customers feel their networks are protected.

Spencer Trask spearheaded the first round of financing for Ciena ( now one of the top firms providing ever-increasing speed and security around network bandwidth. It has come a long way since its startup days, when by 1997, the company went public and brought Gary Smith onboard as CEO. Smith has the singular goal of further developing fiber optics to enable carriers to scale up their communications networks.  that once was only imagined, creating scalable and programmable network architecture that handles rapid data delivery for more than 1,000 high-performance customers.

Kevin Kimberlin and the Spencer Trask team continue to support Ciena and other network security leaders who are transforming the industry and forging a new path.