Kevin Kimberlin, Chairman of Spencer Trask, is unwavering in his passion and support of new entrepreneurs who he believes continue to light up the world and touch lives everywhere. The Edisons of today are his ongoing inspiration and he works to foster opportunities for the visionaries whose breakthrough innovations may represent tomorrow’s breakout investments.

From Healthcare to Security, from Science to Technology, Mr. Kimberlin has brought new innovations to light, transformed the healthcare landscape and revolutionized global communications.

Mr. Kimberlin makes little fanfare about his activities, secure in the conviction that — to quote Mr. Spencer Trask —

What matters are “Deeds, not words.”

Social Impact

Kevin Kimberlin graduated from Indiana University and earned his masters from Harvard University. After the public offering of his company with Dr. Jonas Salk in 1991, Mr. Kimberlin assumed control of Spencer Trask & Co. to further promote social progress through science and technology entrepreneurship.

Mr. Kimberlin gives to a variety of civic organizations including Harvard University (for its innovation lab), the Audubon Society (for its citizen-science and conservation programs), and Yaddo, the creative artist community, where he is an Honorary Lifetime Member in recognition of his support of writers, choreographers, dancers, playwrights and composers.

Kevin Kimberlin, is a proud recipient of the Rotary Club of Greenwich’s Citizen of the Year Award in 2011.



Kevin Kimberlin with business partner, Dr. Jonas Salk.

In 1986 Kimberlin started his company with renowned polio hero, Dr. Jonas Salk. As the founder of The Immune Response Corporation, Kimberlin drove the strategy, recruited the management and scientific teams, and brought together its major corporate partner to advance Dr. Salk’s groundbreaking immunotherapeutic vaccines.

Immune Response cemented Kimberlin’s reputation as a high impact entrepreneur when it became the best performing U.S. stock in 1991. The Phase III trial on 2,527 HIV-infected patients vaccine (the largest immunotherapy trial conducted to that point) unfortunately failed to meet its clinical end point, a devastating personal loss to both Kimberlin and Salk. Yet they derived some comfort by exchanging the rights to the company’s B-cell lymphoma patents for stock in a startup backed by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.  This discovery was a key element in the first FDA-approved cancer vaccine.

A Team Effort


Photograph by Visko Hatfield.

Kevin Kimberlin and Joni Steele Kimberlin share a passion to make the world a better place. In an article published by Greenwich Magazine on powerful couples doing amazing things, Mr Kimberlin and his wife Joni discuss everything from female empowerment to the state of healthcare to major medical research and share their passion to make the world a better place.